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Need help writing your story?

Many businesses and people have a powerful story to tell – but not the skills to get the story out. I have a passion for writing stories. Whether it’s content writing for your business or ghostwriting your life story, I can help get your message out

Content writing

Creating great content is one of the best ways of marketing your business to your customers. The key is to connect with your reader and tell your brand story effectively. It’s the art of communicating with your customers without an overt sell.

It involves telling your story … and writing about issues and topics your customers will find interesting. It also involves communicating your message in a way that is easy for them to understand. Whether it’s an article, website content, blog post or brochure you need written, I can help.

Check out my portfolio for examples of my work here: articles and website content.

Ghost writing stories, memoir, biography

As your ghostwriter, I will interview you, either face-to-face or by Skype. I will then transcribe your story, and write your book as if you wrote it yourself.

Writing your life story or family history - Professional writer in Adelaide

I have helped all kinds of people tell their stories – it’s a passion of mine. Check out this blog post I wrote for Life Stories Australia – it’s all about the power of telling our stories. It’s also about knowing our stories. Because, let’s face it, if we don’t write them down now, how will the next generation know their story?

For more information, check out my memoir and life story writing service at Life Stories Ink.

Life story writing

Before my father passed away, my father asked my sisters and myself to witness his life story. He asked me to record it and write it into a storybook he could leave behind. It made me want to do more of this kind of work.

I volunteered in the Biography Program at the Calvary Hospital. We record the memoirs of palliative care patients. I see the gift it gives people – to have their story witnessed before they die. It’s also a gift for the family to have a record of that person’s life.

I am now a member of Life Stories Australia. This is a professional association for writers who help people get their stories out.

Whether it’s a short memoir or a whole book, let’s get your story out now. For more information, go to Life Stories Ink.

Feature articles

I can turn my hand to any area, but I particularly enjoy writing stories in the form of articles and profiles about people. It ties in with my interest in people’s life stories. I have interviewed many people, for many different publications and organisations. And I specialise in lifestyle, health and general medical writing.

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