So you’ve finished your manuscript, what’s next?

You’ve written a memoir, biography or other non-fiction book, and you want some professional editing advice with the next stage. There are a range of options I can offer you.

Manuscript assessment

A manuscript assessment is a good idea once you have an early manuscript draft you are happy with, to get some feedback to see where your strengths are and where it can be improved.

An assessment does not involve a detailed edit – instead you will receive a written report about your book in terms of its style, structure and language. It’s a cheaper option than a developmental edit, and it can guide you to make some of those structural changes that might be needed yourself.

Developmental editing

Developmental editing is sometimes called ‘structural editing’, ‘substantive editing’ or ‘content editing’. It is a ‘big picture’ level of manuscript editing that aims to ensure your structure, content, language, style and presentation are all working together as effectively as possible.

Copy editing

Sometimes called ‘line editing’, this level of editing is about making sure the words you have written are accurate, consistent and as clear as possible.


A proofread takes place towards the end of the production process. It’s a final check over your manuscript before you go into design and print. You will also need a proofread once the book has been designed, just to make sure everything is in order.

Sample edit

I am also happy to undertake a sample edit of your book, so you can get an idea from the outset what’s involved. There is a small charge involved in a sample edit, but this will be deducted from the overall fee should you choose to go ahead with me as your editor.


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