Content writer

7 things to look for when hiring a content writer

Your content is the key to engaging with your audience, so it needs to grab attention – and keep it. It should get your message across effectively and stamp you as an authority. But producing high-quality content on a consistent basis is time-consuming. So, it could be a smart move for you to hire a content writer, so you can get … More

What I learnt in the dojo about writing

The founder of aikido Morihei Ueshiba, or O’Sensei, considered aikido to be a method for correcting your own mind. The lessons I learned on the mat, I still apply today in my writing. The discipline of daily practice Aikido – a Japanese martial art form – can be translated as ‘the Way of unifying with life energy’ or ‘the Way … More

Tim Costello

The nature of bliss, with Rev Tim Costello

I asked Reverend Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision, about what ‘following your bliss’ means to him. This was when he was still head of the Baptist Church in Collins Street, Melbourne. He said that for him, bliss is the sense that your life has been for a purpose. After the interview he headed out into the back alleyway behind the church … More


Kathy’s story: roaring into retirement

How did a publisher’s assistant end up in Africa raising lions? Kathy Murrell and I worked together at John Brown Publishing in London in the ’90s. When I heard how her story had changed, I had to find out the details. It all began when Kathy was made redundant after 20 years of service – turns out it was just … More

Curing blindness in the third world

Dr James Muecke is an Adelaide-based ophthalmologist who co-founded the Sight For All Foundation. After I interviewed him for medicSA magazine about his work preventing blindness and how the Foundation came to be, it reminded me of something the Rev Tim Costello had said to me when I interviewed him, about how in a world where 40,000 kids die each day from … More