My fee will depend on what your needs are – whether it be writing, copy editing, developmental editing or proofreading (Please see my editing page for more information about the different types of editing.)

I ask that you contact me for a quote and send me a sample of your work so that I can quote you accurately.

If you want more information about editor’s fees you can check out the Institute of Professional Editors 2016 National Survey of Editors, which found that the national average freelance rate was $66 per hour, with a range from $30–$120 per hour.

The survey also found the average rate for proofreading was $55 per hour, for copyediting $65 per hour and for substantive or structural editing $74 per hour. Writing was charged at an average of $84 per hour.

My fees for writing vary widely depending on the project and whether we agree upon an hourly rate, a per word rate or a project rate. It’s also dependent on the extent of the job – whether it’s content writing for a website or blog, or ghostwriting an entire book.

Generally, in Australia, hourly rates for a new and junior copywriter range from $50–$80 per hour, while a mid-level copywriter might charge $80–$120 per hour. For a top level copywriter, you can expect to pay $120–$220 per hour.

The Australian Society of Authors has found the average per word rate for freelance writers is 71 cents with a recommended rate of 93 cents. It also recommends a per hour rate of $219.

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